Business Loan Protection


There are many reasons why a business may require cash, in the form of a loan, for example:

  • Buy  stock
  • Finance the cost of new equipment
  • Purchase new premises
  • Meet product development costs
  • Recruit a new sales team

Where a business has obtained a loan, it must consider not only how to meet any ongoing repayments but also how to finance full repayment should the lender call – in the loan prematurely. A commercial lender will often make a business loan subject to repayment on the death of a certain, often key, individual. Alternatively, if finance has come from a director’s loan account, and the director were to die, then their estate may demand repayment of the outstanding loan.

Business loan protection can provide a business with a cash sum that can be used to help repay a loan on death or, if required, earlier critical illness of a specific employee.


One of the keys to successful protection planning is to regularly review all your protection.

At AIC Financial we offer regular reviews to ensure your current  protection arrangements are suitable to your needs and are competitive in cover and cost. We annually check your cover to ensure that your needs have not changed along with. We could also save you money! Please contact us for your free initial, no obligation Protection review using the link below.