Group Schemes/NEST

Group Schemes

For all businesses, large or small, AIC Financial can help organise your pension requirements for you and your staff. From arranging Group Schemes to more personal bespoke arrangements.


What is NEST?

NEST ( National Employment Savings Trust ) is a workplace  pension scheme. It is designed to meet the needs of people who are largely new to pension saving. It’s open to employers of any size and self employed people.

NEST gives workers a single retirement pot they can keep contributing to if they change employer or stop working.

What NEST means for you

NEST for savers

  • clear information with 24/7 access online
  • a single NEST retirement pot which stays with you if you stop working or change employers
  • low charges, so more of the contributions from you and any contributions from your employer and the government go into your retirement pot

NEST for employers

  • NEST is suitable for employers of any size
  • NEST is designed for its members, your workers
  • there is no ongoing administration for you if someone leaves your organisation


One of the keys to successful retirement planning is to regularly review all your pensions, regardless of whether you are still contributing. Thousands of pension customers have frozen benefits that do not get reviewed for years which can be extremely detremental..

At AIC Financial we offer regular reviews to ensure your current  pensions are suitable to your needs and are performing to your expectations. We annually check your attitude to risk to ensure this has not changed along with your capacity for loss and retirement purpose. We could also save you money! Please contact us for your free initial, no obligation Retirement review using the link below.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Work Based and Auto Enrolment pensions.