Income Protection


People will insure their house, they’ll insure their car, and they’ll insure their possessions. Yet they rarely seem to realise they could lose them all – whether they are insured or not – if they lose their income.

If they’re unable to work because of long-term ill health or disability, they could lose the income that pays for all these things. Even if they don’t work, it could add an even greater financial burden that is difficult to manage.

Income Protection cover is designed to provide a regular monthly benefit if you are unable to work because of ill health and this results in loss of earnings during the cover term. Even if you are not in paid work, you may be able to claim if your unable to carry out two to five specified day-to-day activities.

Some Key Features & Benefits

Guaranteed certain levels of benefits
If you find your income is reduced for some reason it does not necessarily mean your payout will be reduced.
Choice of terms
Term to retirement and fixed term cover
Guaranteed and reviewable premium options
Range of deferment periods
From one to 24 months
Proportionate and rehabilitation benefit


One of the keys to successful protection planning is to regularly review all your protection.

At AIC Financial we offer regular reviews to ensure your current  protection arrangements are suitable to your needs and are competitive in cover and cost. We annually check your cover to ensure that your needs have not changed along with. We could also save you money! Please contact us for your free initial, no obligation Protection review using the link below.